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[Completed] Night of Fortune and Misfortune

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Night of Fortune and Misfortune

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In India, February to April are the preferred months for weddings due to the weather conditions. It is also a boon for those who are migrant house helpers or vendors on the streets of big cities, as it provides them with ample opportunities to earn big for the rest of the year.

Munni is one of them, married at 18 and now a mother of two children at the age of 23, living with her husband in a slum located in the middle of the city. Her husband works as a rickshaw puller during the day and at night as a helping hand to caterers or with bands as decorative light carriers in these wedding seasons. Munni too works as a maid during the day to support her family. Today, her husband, who is under a contract and paid in advance, is over drunk and is not able to work at the wedding.

The wedding caterer's staff are at her door, furious at the irresponsible behavior of her husband and asking for a refund of the advance. Munni is worried because she has already spent the money on something else, and refusing to refund means being scolded or not being able to work in the future. She asked the caterer's staff if she could replace her husband and do the job, informing them she had experience as a helping hand in the kitchen. Unwillingly, the staff accepts her offer, knowing that had it been him, he could have worked late into the night, since being a woman, she had to be freed a couple of hours early.


She quickly exits the house, alerting her neighbor's aunt to the incident, and

leaves her babies in her care. What's the use of her dressing nicely or applying cosmetics to appear decent when she is going as an assist. She is hurrying to the wedding location, which is pleasantly a few miles away, while sporting loosened hair and slippers on her feet.

The caterer reprimands her once more when she arrives since she knows she won't stay late (an Indian wedding usually ends at 4 a.m.). There being no other option, the caterer takes her to the kitchen and asks her to assist in food preparation. Munni is relieved because she found it to be a simple assignment. Within a couple of hours, with the instructions of the Chief Chef and other helpers, dinner is ready to serve. Helping here and there, she keeps herself engaged to avoid any confrontation with the caterer. Fearing that the caterer will ask her to leave before the food served, after serving the guests, it is common practice, remaining food get distributed among helpers and other slum dwellers waiting nearby.

At 10 PM, the ceremony starts with the arrival of the groom. The whole place becomes chaotic with the never-ending chirping of females and males looking for the concealed bar counter. The typical scene at an Indian wedding is dancing and loud music all around, with waiters running after guests to offer them welcome drinks. Munni has experienced all this before.

Sitting in a lone corner enjoying the celebrations, she notices an unattended women's handbag lying on a chair. She looks around to find the owner, but fails. Panicked, she keeps a vigil on the handbag. The owner of the bag has not been seen in more than ten minutes. Other women are showing off their outfits and jewellery as though they are looking for a date on their own. There are also elderly women with snakes seated on chairs, frequently serving as guardians for the infants or property of their children. Munni is sauntering over to the chair where the purse is laying with a feeling of desire. When she arrives, she nonchalantly scans the area to see whether anyone else wants the bag. When she sees that no one else does, she drops her drape over the bag. She sneakily picks up her drape and the neglected handbag while once more scanning the area.

She hastily makes her way back to the isolated area where she had been sitting and watching the festivities. The missing handbag is not being discussed or raised in any way. Munni is certain that it is an abandoned purse. She is waiting for the proper moment to leave the area because she is inquisitive about what is in the purse and does not want to suddenly vanish to arouse suspicion. Within moments, she saw an elderly woman pointing at a middle-aged male who was approaching her. Her face grew pale in panic as she realized that both of them were approaching her.

The elderly lady is a gentlewoman, as she asks her without making a fuss about the incident, "Daughter, the bag you're hiding belongs to my daughter-in-law. Please return it to us." She handed it to the woman without hesitation and begged her forgiveness. Her son accompanying the elderly, becomes enraged and decides to teach Munni a lesson, abusing her loudly grabbing her wrist. The old lady advises against making a scene and ruining the celebrations by letting the poor girl go. Her drunken son, on the other hand, is obstinate and refuses to listen to her. The elderly lady looks helplessly at Munni and walks back to disappear.

Munni, with her pale face pleading for mercy, is well aware of the consequences; if the man is not appeased soon, she will lose control. She is concerned that if the caterers find out about the incident, it will jeopardize their future contracts. Furthermore, if her husband found out about it, he would make her life a living hell.

Firmly gripping him by the bulge, Munni pushes him away from the crowd and into the parking lot. She tries to run away from there, but the stumbling drunkard falls on the ground, catching her feet with a tight grip that does not allow her to escape. In the tussle, Munni too falls on the ground, giving ample opportunity for the drunkard to get over her, struggling to get rid of him but in vain. An aroused drunkard stretches her hands over her head, under 80 kg of weight, regretting her decision to flee too soon. Turning the table around from trouble to comfort, the drunkard kisses all over her breast, attempting to make her naked, but under the influence of alcohol, his body and brain are not coordinating well enough for him to overpower her.

Munni, sobbing and realizing the gravity of the situation, surrenders and gets slapped by the drunkard. She does not mind if the drunkard fucks her, as it's not a big deal for her. Knowing his state of mind and inability to have sex in this condition, it would be nothing but a waste of time. She needs to act fast. She cannot afford to waste time for a variety of reasons. Opening her blouse invites the drunkard to suck her nipples, hoping this will end ASAP. The irony is that the drunkard interpreted this turn of tables as his victory over her, without realizing she is the one who is now in control of her self-made crisis.

Munni pushes him away from the crowd and into the parking lot, firmly gripping him by the bulge. She tries to flee, but the stumbling drunk falls to the ground, catching her feet with a tight grip that prevents her from escaping. Munni also falls to the ground during the scuffle, providing ample opportunity for the drunkard to get over her, struggling to get rid of him but in vain. Under 80 kg of weight, an aroused drunkard stretches her hands over her head, regretting her decision to flee too soon. Turning the table from trouble to comfort, the drunkard kisses all over her breast, attempting to make her naked, but under the influence of alcohol, his body and mind are dysfunctional.

Hearing Munni's insult, this drunkard loses control of himself and kneels in front of her, inserting his hand into her saree and pulling her pubic hair hard. Munni did not expect this from him. She cries in pain. Under the influence of alcohol, the drunkard stands up and pushes Munni to the ground, pulling out his penis, pisses on her, and collapses flat on the ground.

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Finding the right opportunity Munni gets up and sits on the drunkard's face, pulling her saree up, urinating on his face, then turning around and defecating, equalising the score. For various reasons, it is quite normal for slum women to not wear undergarments. Primarily, they find it difficult to put them on dry due to lack of privacy and space. Secondly, those who are sluttier find it congenial for them not to wear them. She leaves him lying there, stained with her poop and robbing his wallet, and returns to ask permission from the caterer to leave for the day. Obtaining permission, she collects some food in plastic bags and makes a brisk walk back home.

She breathes a sigh of relief upon reaching home safely, getting back to her children, and feeding them with breast milk. She looks at the clock; it is 12AM. Her alcoholic husband is snorting; he is a little worried about what has happened; he is counting the money from a robbed wallet and keeping it in a safe place, but he is having difficulty sleeping. After having a bath, she walks out of the home to get some fresh air and discard the robbed wallet at a safe distance. She is about 100 meters away from her home when she notices a car approaching close to her. She is wondering who could own a car in the slums. For security reasons, she knows everyone over here and a few drivers, but they do not bring their vehicles.

The screeching car stops next to her, and a man comes out of the car, under the harsh headlights. Munni was finding it hard to identify the person until he appeared close to her, and was stunned to see the caterer's staff who came in the evening to her home. Upon hearing him, she walks close to the waiting car with two young boys in their 20s sitting in it. They introduce themselves as twins named Aarush and Agatsya. After some usual chitchat, they thank the caterer's staff for helping them to find her, and let him go away. The boys lied to the caterer's staff that they liked the taste of the food and would like to hire the person who cooked it. That is how they reached her.

Without getting off the car, Aarush said to Munni, "Would you like to go to jail or come with us to sort out things?" Stunned, she replies, "For what?" Agatsya says, "Do not be overly smart. The guy whose face you pooed is our father. You robbed him of his wallet. We do not want the money back, but you insulted our father, and you have to say sorry to him in person. We have our grandmother as a witness. You decide: jail or pardon. "

Again, Munni, at her best, analysing the situation, gets into the car, knowing that staying in the vicinity of her locality and arguing with them is being noticed or misunderstood as a prostitute. Speeding away from the slum, looking from the back mirror at her worried face, one of them asks her, "So, what have you decided, jail or pardon?" Worried but determined, Munni's only concern is to get out of all this and reach back home before dawn, to which she replies, "Do I have a choice?" Both boys were looking at each other and simultaneously asked, "What else can you offer?"

Munni probably knew that asking for a pardon from a person whose face she defecated on was asking too much, especially from a heartless person who did not pay any attention to his mother. Considering getting into their trap and being put behind bars, she asks them, "Can we settle things over here? I do not think your father has called me to pardon me. I have already returned the handbag, and if you want your money back, drive me back home. I will give it to you. " Confused, the boys, seeing her from the back mirror, notice Munni has dropped her draping and is prominently exposing her cleavage; she is observing them and can sense lust in their eyes.

They were a bit absorbed in the appetiser of her cleavage and were not expecting it to be a woman in her 20s with a nice rounded breast and deep cleavage when they came here searching for her in revenge. Agatsya winks at Aarush, who smiles. Aarush takes a U turn and speeds away from the wedding location, Agatsya, turning back to her, fondling her breast, says, "Allow us to humiliate you and we will let you go."

Munni had no problem with boys wanting to have sex with her, and that was what she wanted to settle things once and for all. She was a bit worried about what these guys meant by allowing them to humiliate her. Anyway, time was running fast, so whatever had to be done had to be done quickly. In about 5 minutes, the boys arrived at an enclave, where one of them parked their car and instructed her to follow him. Aarush followed them into the apartment and locked the door. The boys, being boys, still do not know what they want, but lusty of a chance, they offer her a glass of water. Munni, gulping water, looked at the clock. It was 1:25AM. Putting the glass down, she asked the boys, "You will have to drop me back." Shrugging shoulders, Agatsya yells, "What, are you mad? You are not our guest. "

Munni starts undressing quickly, revealing her naked, chiselled body with a large breast, a large rounded butt, a deep navel, and a hairy vagina. They couldn't believe their good fortune; her dark complexion was a trophy dipped in dark chocolate for their lust. Naked, she sits on the couch and waits for the twins to take their turn fucking her ASAP, enabling her to reach back home before dawn.

They were still stunned and unable to accept reality; they were aroused, but it appeared that they had not been with any other woman who was unfamiliar to them, so they were unsure how to proceed. This is also true of Munni. She has no problem with having sex with them in lieu of her freedom, but since she is not a prostitute and has never been in this sort of situation before, she is clueless.

Munni picks up her clothing and pretends to dress up when she notices their amateurish behaviour. Aarush approaches her, taking her clothes and tossing them aside, then unzipping himself and rubbing his penis over her face. Munni lets him do whatever he wants with his eyes closed. Aarush begins prodding her in the lips with his penis. Munni takes a big gulp and blows it down her throat. She scans the area for the other twin, who appears to be apprehensive. She wants to please them right away and get back home. Aarush sat with her eyes closed and a penis in her mouth, relishing the sensation of being sucked. Munni looked around anxiously for the other twin to join the celebration and set her free.

Within minutes, Agatsya appears naked in front of her, shaking his semi-hard penis. Munni grabs his penis and starts sucking him too, sucking both of them turn by turn to get them to full erection. After getting comfortable with their prey, they get into action, pulling her hair and dragging her to the dining table. Agatsya sits on the chair, attempting to mouth fuck her. She gets a kick on her butt from Aarush, indicating she should get into her four legs and raise her butt. Quickly following orders from Aarush, she gets into doggy position while Agatsya keeps fucking her mouth. Kneeling behind her, Aarush gives a close look into her protruding, dry, hairy vagina and cliquish orifice.

Their lust and arousal grow stronger as time passes; Agatsya moans and clutches her head, pressing it against his crotch and fucking her mouth deep. Spreading her legs, Aarush pokes his face into her pussy mound; with a deep breath, he sniffs her vagina. Munni, with no feelings or arousal, is just participating like a sexdoll. Agatsya realizes her unwillingness and warns her of dire consequences if she does not participate as a willing partner. Munni realizes she has to go slutty if she has to end the show at the quickest possible time and reach back home safely.

She takes his penis out, spits on it, pulls off his foreskin, licking his dickhead and looking back, twerking her butt, inviting Aarush to come and fuck her pussy. Seeing the sudden change in Munni's behavior, the twins get aroused and start enjoying her as their accomplice. In her bid to get them to ejaculate early, her twerking provokes Agatsya, who takes his penis out of her mouth, goes behind her, and starts rubbing his penis between her asses. Munni is licking her lips, inviting Aarush to take over Agatsya's place. Aarush, with his leaking dick, sits in front of her on a chair, pulls his dickhead out of the sheath, rubbing it over her eyelid, cum dripping down her cheeks, and is well wiped by Munni's waiting tongue.

Although not aroused, due to an agreement with the boys, Munni had no option but to have sex with them. She does not realise that in the process of being fluttery to get boys aroused and satisfied, she gets aroused in an attempt to fake moan. Agatsya is good with his skills at getting her dripping from her protruding pussy. With leaking curios from all three, the room is filled with erotic smells that none of them is able to avoid. Their bodies respond to the smell, causing them to want to have real sex.

After getting a good view of Munni's rear, Agatsya spreads her asses and licks the darkest and roughest patches of her body, making her spread her legs further and arch her butt a little higher like a cat, for easy access to him to lick it down there. She is trying to get Aarush to ejaculate early by licking his peehole so she can concentrate on Agatsya and get him to ejaculate too. "Bitch, I never thought I would get to fuck you. You filthy scumbag. I will gangbang you one day. Oh my good, this bitch should be kept forever. Shit man, she is kinky. "This bitch knows how to twerk." Saying this in a husky voice, Aarush spreads her legs further, pushes her away, spits on his dick, pokes it back in her mouth, and starts thrusting it in and out of her mouth.

When Agatsya notices his twin moaning and mouth fucking her, he joins the party in fucking her wet cunt from behind. On all fours, Munni occupied herself with relieving the twins of their lust. With every thrust of Agatsya, Aarush's penis makes its way to her trachea, stretching her muscles to their limit with the help of her saliva, providing sufficient lubrication. Her well-enveloped tongue protects his penis from any potential damage from teeth. What she thought would be a quick and easy task is wearing her down, with a running nose, tears rolling down her cheeks, and a mouth oozing with a frothy mix of spit, sperm, and saliva, gasping and moaning without intent but for automatic body reaction.

Agatsya, with his pulsating dick, took it as a challenge, fucking hard, expending her vagina with every expansion in his penis, entering deeper into her, straightening her felopian tube. All three moaning, fucking, huffing, coordinating their movements as well-oiled smooth fuck machines, the intensity of the pulsating of the twin's penis is an indication for experienced Munni that boys are ready to ejaculate at any time; accelerating her acts, she is anticipating an end near to their sexual adventure.


With luck on their side, she was probably their first sex. Imitating whatever porn they had watched before, they both erupted into the respectable territories they were holding, flooding and destroying her on both ends. The twin sits on the couch, tired and exhausted. She is still on her fours, vomiting globs of spit and semen, oozing shiny semen against the backdrop of her black hairy pussy, as her Agatsya and Aarush egos are satiated.

Muuni, tired, stands back, stretches her arched waist, semen flowing down her legs, frothing with cum, and looks at the wall clock, which reads 2.30 a.m. Wiping her leaking vagina, she picks her drapes, looking at them, her questioning eyes seem to be asking, "Is it over?" Agatsya signals her to come to them, and as she strolls, she stands in front of them. Though the twins are armature but young and full of energy, having been exposed to thousands of porn clips and having an easily accessible fuck in front of them, they are not ready to let her go. Agatsya directs her to sit on his lap. Half aroused, joining his legs, she sits on his lap, showing no sign of intimacy and waiting for his next move. Agatsya fondles her boobs, avoids kissing her, knowing he may end up eating his own brother's semen, twists her nipples, and gets surprised seeing her lactating. Ecstatic Agatsya shouts, "Bro, she is not a bitch but a buffalo. Let us milk her. Damn, she will have to breast feed me if she wants a pardon. " Listening, this Aarush gets up and stands behind her, fondling her dripping nipples with milk, twisting it hard enough to enable her milk duct to open, showering her milk on Agatsys' chest. Thrilled with the discovery, the twins get nasty, not realizing their tease is arousing Munni. Moaning, she starts jumping on Agatsya's lap, grabbing Aarush's hand and groping her breast vigorously.


Aarush yells, "Man, I didn't know she had an ignition button; the moment I twisted her nipples, the bitch was on fire!" as he lifts her to stand in order to fuck her from behind with his semi-hard penis. Munni is happy with the attention she is being given. Muuni is fondling her boobs, rubbing pussy lips on Agatsya's nose, moaning and blabbering with joy, "Oui Maa, oh ma" making it difficult for Aarush to fuck her from behind. Aarush, fearing he may end up mouth-fucking his brother instead of her, changes his mind and tries to fuck her ass.

Charmed by her dark complexion and meaty body, the armature boys try to practice the porn fantasies they have. Aarush tries to rob her asshole but fails to penetrate. Frustrated, he starts fingering her asshole. With Aarush's finger in her ass and vagina over Agatsya's nose, she lifts her right leg, resting it over the couch backrest, moans, "Oui Maa, fuck mom, I am gonna die, I am gonna die mom, yes, oh yes, yes, I am dying." and starts face-fucking Agatsya. Agatsya, with closed lips, tries to save himself from eating his own sperm oozing from her vagina. In ecstasy, she is vigorously rubbing her clits over his nose and brushing his face with her pubes.

Seeing slutty Munni moaning, armature boys are aroused, thinking that it is their efforts that are making her moan in pleasure, masturbating themselves, one by fingering her asshole and the other by sitting under her vagina. All three moaning, "fuck, fuck, oh fuck, yes, bitch, oh ma, gawd, shit, dying, oh no oh yes, fuck you, oh lord, fuck the bitch, mother I am cumming, mmm o h yeaaah." All of them engaged with self-pleaure in their first threesome, with sweaty and stretched bodies, releaving themselves in ecstasy. Shivering, Munni starts playing with her clitrios, massaging them rigorously. She is aroused by seeing two boys masturbating, and with erupted gushing squirts on poor Agatsya's face, drowning him with her squirt. She yells, "Mom, Mom, I am dying."

"Disgusting, Bitch", Agatsya shouts and throws her on the couch, Aarush's finger slips out of her ass and she lies on the couch. Munni is still rubbing her clits and squirting. When Munni notices the twin masturbating close to her and Aarush shoots his sperm on her boobs, she is exhilarated and relieved.Agatsya is offended, believing she has urinated on him, so he points his pulsating penis at her face and shoots globs of sperm at regular intervals, drenching her in his sperm. He sighs.

All three attempting to catch their breath, Munnis wipes her face with Aarush underwear, picking up her clothes and starting to dress with an eye on the clock showing midnight at 2.30. While dressing up, she whispers, "Please drop me back." Both boys look at the clock, worried. Agatsya screams, "Shit man, dad must be waiting for us." "Fuck man, we are going to get screwed." Realizing the urgency, Aarush shouts back, "Fuck you bitch, we are late. "Go fuck yourself. "

Munni is dressed up and worried but waiting for the boys, hoping they are going to drop her off. She waits for them to sit on the couch when Agatsya appears and questions her, "You are still here?" Confused, Munni stays mum. Zipping his jeans, Aarush appears and informs his brother that they have to take her out of here or else security will not let her out without questioning. Three zooms out of the enclave, dropping her midway between her place and the wedding place. Agatsya tells her mother that for the last three hours they searched for the woman but could not locate her. Their grandmother, intruppting him, says, "Agaa, she was a girl in her 20s. Had you taken me along, I would have helped you find her. "

Aarush replied, "You should have told us before. We thought of her as a woman in her 40s or 50s, and we looked for her in every possible place. "

Daunting The father realizes there isn't much he can do now and yells at them all, "Let's go back home, useless boys!" Everyone silently gets into the car and goes back home. Grandma consoling her son, Mrs. Drunkard consoles her twin, trying to understand, "Let bygones be bygones."

Munni saunters back home, stealing two wallets from those boys, concealing the money in her bra and tossing the empty wallets to the side of the road, looking up at the sky, thanking her stars, and beaming as she recalls the night of fortune and misfortune. She returns to her home around 3 a.m. She crawls into bed, nipple out so her younger one can suckle from her emptied breast, and falls asleep, relieved and gratified.


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